Princess Royal Sailing Club Inc.

Climate & Sailing Conditions

Albany's sailing conditions can best be spilt into three time zones.

Early summer (September to mid December) is a period of change. Gradient easterlies prevail, interspersed with frontal passages that decrease in strength as the continental highs move southward.

Summer (mid December to early February) is a period of steady easterlies, 8-12 knots before lunch shifting south-east at 12-25 knots in the early afternoon is the rule for this time of year, creating exhilarating planing conditions for dinghies.

Autumn (mid February to May) is the most attractive sailing season as the highs move north, light airs prevail, 5-12 knots of breeze provide challenging shifty conditions to test the skills of all yachtsmen.

Any of these combination of fair winds, open flat water and proximity to the club facilities make Albany the perfect sailing, racing and regatta venue.